Sundered Peak

through the mind of kyle tolle

Watch a Sunset

My new apartment has a fantastic view of Colorado’s Front Range and downtown Denver. I have spent time lately just gazing out the window at the mountains, lights, clouds, and activity.

Earlier today, I was on my computer when I noticed the orange color coming through my windows. I walked onto my balcony to take a picture. I found the weather so nice I stayed to watch the sun set.

Immediately, I noticed my thought, “I should go do something more productive”. It was difficult to take a break; to not be doing or planning or thinking about something.

But don’t we already spend a good portion of our days working so that we might take some time and enjoy life - enjoy just being? So that we might have the ability to sit down, relax, and not have to do anything. If that’s so, why is it that when I take the time to enjoy a sunset my first reaction is to get back to doing something else? The freedom to watch the sunset is exactly the goal I’ve been chasing. Old habits…

Next, I thought about capturing the moment, as I mentioned above; about taking a picture to remember the colors and how the clouds marble the sky. Although, really, pictures don’t capture any of that very well, and taking pictures might actually hurt my memory. Then again, my memory won’t capture the details very well either. It’s okay - moments are fleeting. Even if we can’t picture it precisely, we will remember how gorgeous we thought it was. It’s the feeling it gives you that sticks around.

On top of all that, I also thought about my reactions and writing about them. That’s this blog post, in fact.

Life is about the sunsets. Without the pressures of other things intruding our thoughts. About taking the time to enjoy what we normally never notice, because of things we feel we ought to do. It’s good to plan ahead and have ambitions in life, but never lose sight of what we’re all working toward: flexibility and freedom in the present to relax and simply be.

I aim to practice mindfulness and enjoying the moment, without my mind racing to a million other things. A habit that positively impacts my daily routine, and leaves a bright memory even after the sun’s light has faded, is something I can certainly foster.