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Versus the Regal Skullhead

I like to doodle, and boring classes are no exception. Today, as I was in my Greek Myth class, I decided to do an adaptation of a creature from an image we looked at. The topic was Near Eastern Mythology (in order to compare to Greek myth) and I drew the creature Tiamat, which Marduk faces in the Enuma Elish. The name of this piece is silly, but I only care that I got something down.

Versus the Regal Skullhead

Versus the Regal Skullhead - Adaptation of a creature from a depiction of the Babylonian creation myth, Enuma Elish.

I’m interested in what you have to say! What’s your feedback?


I found the image I used for reference. I have several links but the quality is a bit iffy on some. Not all are quite te same either.

Marduk  slays Tiamat

Small version of copy I used as reference.

Rough depiction

Cleaner depiction

Larger image, but slightly changed