Sundered Peak

through the mind of kyle tolle

Vat Psychology

Watch out for those who
Would stick us in tubes and chambers
To study us one by one
As if there’s something to be learned from
Vat psychology.

There’s a reason why
They prick with pins and needles
To gauge us one by one
As if we’d all be good if we just
Spat psychology.

There’s also those who
Will wait for the hammer to fall
To strike us one by one
As if it’s justified when we live
That wearily.

Remember the ones
That get paid to sow fear and hate
To seed us one by one
As if we couldn’t see their eyes fall
So wearily.

Have you seen those few
That love to set bone saw to skull
To drain us drop by drop
As if that thing thought wrong with us was
There temporarily.

There’s more than one way
They convert all the wheat to chaf
To maime us grain by grain
As if the thing that made us whole would
Clear temporarily.