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Twikini Releases v1

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Update: As per the instructions on the Twikini website, I emailed CJ about this blog post. Within minutes he responded and sent out my serial number for v1.0. I can also happily say that it installed and connected to Twitter perfectly. I entered the serial number and am good to go. Very excited to test out all the new features I’ve not had a chance to see yet!  I take back what I said about the customer support: I’m quite impressed.

Twikini is a Windows Mobile Twitter client written in C++.  It’s lightweight, quick but is decently powerful. Twikini v1.0 just released and I’m hoping to give it a try soon.  I had downloaded v0.6 and really enjoyed it, but v0.8 never did work. I had upgraded because of DM (Direct Message) support.  Same bones with v0.9. Keeps saying there’s no network to connect to. I am hoping that I can get v1.0 to work.  I’d recommended Twikini in a tweet and Aoss tried it out.

Trinket Software, the people who make Twikini, just introduce a pricing plan for the product, and I’m hoping to get a copy for writing this blog post. Did I mention I’m crossing my fingers that it works this time? I’ve @’d Twikini several times about my issues, but haven’t ever heard back. Customer service could be a bit better…

Have you heard of Twikini? Have you tried it out? What are your impressions? Have any of you had the same issue with getting it to connect to the internet? Please tell me I’m not alone!