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Taking Screenshots of Webpages

It can be handy to take screenshots of your entire web page. But pages are usually longer than our sceens are. This means it’s not feasible to use the regular keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots.

Fortunately, there are a couple methods we can use!

Take a Full-Page Screenshot

In Chrome

You can use the Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension to capture the entire page page right within Chrome.

The benefit is Chrome itself is rendering the page.

Resize the window to be the width you want, and then use the toolbar icon to start the snapshot.

It’ll give you an image you can use by saving or copy-and-pasting.

Using a Desktop App

Paparazzi! is a standalone application for OS X that can take screenshots of the entire page.

It uses WebKit, so the rendering should be similar to Chrome/Safari.

It has some features like being able to default the size of the rendered page to that of a MacBook Air, or other screen resolutions.

These are the methods I’ve used so far to take screenshots of entire pages, but I’ll update this if I come across others.