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So I Called A Sex Line

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Kyle Tolle reading ‘So I Called a Sex Line’

So my undergraduate career is coming to an end. Luckily, I have a job for after I graduate, and seeing as it is out of state, I have to orchestrate my getting out there.  So I was calling around to some moving companies today, trying to get quotes.  I’d heard about one through a friend and looked up their number on their website.

I call the number, hear a voice but the call was dropped or something. So I call back. This time the call doesn’t get dropped. I’m a bit confused, because the lady reading the recording I hear sounds a bit too excited to be a moving company voice.  She keeps talking, and that’s when I hear, “You’ve come to the right place for nasty talk with big busted girls who love to get off. Shoot your load between a pair of double Ds…” And that’s when I notice, I’ve reached a freaking sex line?!

So it turns out I was one number off on the moving company’s phone number, which lead me to that sexy sexy lady… recording. Only $1.99 a minute? That’s definitely better than how much it’s going to cost me to move my stuff. I’ll definitely enter my credit card number.

And that’s when I decided to dial the correct number and get that quote.