Sundered Peak

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Renaming the Blog

Since starting this blog in 2009, I have called it Thoughts of an Eaten Sun. Initially, it was nothing more than a few words that I thought sounded cool when paired together. Over many years and much brainstorming, however, the idea has grown in scope.

First, I jotted down lines of something like poetry. The mental image stayed with me and I later turned it into a few pages of high-level description. When I fleshed it out further, the project changed, and it kept on changing. In early 2016, I wrote about it in The Novel and The Myth. Calling it “the myth” shows how small I imagined it to be. The concept grew from a myth, to a short story, to a novella, and, lastly, to a full novel.

Now, the novel is nearly complete! Within the next month, I will publish it in ebook and print formats. It will mark the completion of the largest personal project I have ever undertaken. The original title of Thoughts of an Eaten Sun has stuck to the manuscript. Since I don’t want to cause confusion by having this blog and the book share the same title, I am renaming the blog.

The new name is Sundered Peak.

This site is small enough that I can rename it without much hassle or worry. It will, however, be a big help when I go to spread the word about the novel.

I’m extremely excited to pass the name of Thoughts of an Eaten Sun along to the novel, and I will soon have more information to share about its upcoming release!