Sundered Peak

through the mind of kyle tolle

My Goal of Travel

In 2013, I traveled more than 20% of the year. I don’t normally do new years resolutions, but I decided that, in 2014, I wanted to travel at least 25% of the year.

Traveling that percentage comes out to over 91 days, or 3 months, away from home. That’s quite a bit of time. I didn’t have any particular trips in mind, but I thought it doable.

I met and even exceeded my goal. It turns out, that this year I’ve traveled 116 days, or about 32% of the year.

What have I learned?

I’ve learned how much I love to travel, and how fantastic Paris is as a city, and how to fish on a remote lake in Canada. But, more importantly, I’ve learned that I want to spend a larger portion of 2015 at home. I want to appreciate living in Colorado, in Denver. I want to appreciate my friends there, and exploring more of the city and nearby mountains.

I look forward to sleeping in my own, wonderful bed, and to fostering a habit of creativity. Here’s to the New Year!