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How An Entrepreneur Made It Big

Today I’m here with Kelfast Darthboy. You know him better as the creator of the Flycar. We’ve got a second to ask him a few questions, so let’s get right to it!

Q: How did you find your inspiration for the Flycar?

A: It started early when I would watch the Jetsons and see them zipping around in their flying cars. I really wanted to have one growing up, but they never existed. Instead of taking it as a sign that it was a stupid idea and a company based around it would fail, I realized the universe was telling me only I could do it. It had to be me.

Q: Did you ever face tough times when getting the company started?

A: Of course. In the third week of business, some venture capitalists pals of mine threatened to only give me $100 million instead of the $150 million I needed to get off the ground unless I took them all out to dinner. I’d eaten a really big lunch that day, so I wasn’t even in the mood for dinner. But we all have to make sacrifices.

Q: It’s got to be a demanding job, so how did you stay motivated?

A: I read, constantly. You know those articles you see online for “3 weird tricks on how to wake up more efficiently” and “5 incredibly motivational quotes for entrepreneurs”? Well, I attribute my greatness to those articles. Since they’re written by people who have never done anything like start a company, they are full of ideas I could have never thought of myself. And they’re so totally accurate and motivational. If I hadn’t read all those articles, my business would have failed and the Flycar wouldn’t exist. In fact, I devote 80% of my day to reading those tips to staying motivated and focusing. That’s my secret. That and motivational posters are also a must. In the office, bathroom, mother’s nursing home hallways, Flycar lounging compartment. You have to always keep those posters in sight or else you just lose it.

Thanks, Mr. Darthboy, for taking the time to speak with us today! It’s incredible to hear how you stay motivated to push the boundaries of human achievement. Millions of others will be able to do exactly as you do and accomplish everything they’ve ever dreamed of. It’s fortunate it’s just as easy as reading all those articles and hanging some posters. Let’s get imitating!