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Helping Others With Computers

If you’re “good with computers”, or work in the field, you’ve had to help someone with a problem. That’s tricky enough, because computers.

It’s even more difficult when you’re not nearby and can’t see what they see. That’s when computer support is like:

“I can’t see my email.”
“Is your computer on?”
“The monitor light is glowing, yes.”
“Okay, so can you move the mouse around?”
“I can move the mouse, but I can’t see the cursor.”
“Are you sure the mouse is plugged in?”
“Yep, it sure is plugged in.”
“Can you try using the keyboard?”
“Keyboard is plugged in, but nothing happens.”
“Can you try restarting the computer?”
“The computer wasn’t turned on.”
“But you said the monitor was on.”
“Yeah, the little light that says it has power to it… it is on.”
“So the computer hasn’t been on this entire time?”
“I guess not.”
“I hate you.”