Sundered Peak

through the mind of kyle tolle

Deep Down Inside

A second ago you said
The way to go was up
Yet now you change your side
Screaming the up is mostly stuck
Deep down inside.

You brought us down to
Where you thought we should be
Because that’s the only way
You knew to be what you see
Inside this crypt.

Please would you tell me
To take a tiny pinch
Of this resistance
Bordering within an inch
Of the truth that we
Cannot say much more of than
It’s hopefully happening.

A person ought never
End up here by themselves
Solely for the fact that a
Creature is known to delve
Deep down inside.

Sure we’ve all got our
Own versions and kinds of flaws
That upset another because
They aren’t against the law
Inside this crypt.

You can’t tell me
about loneliness
Unless this is
A tale of fearing less
Than one other person
Will join you
In what you call
A happy happenstance.