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Brute Force Force

Another doodle I did in my Greek Mythology class. This one has no inspiration other than what was in my head. The translation from paper to digital piece was pretty easy. The figure is themed to be a band mascot. More specifically, a mascot for Fourth Mechanism (band of Zack Miller and I). The name Brute Force Force is a play on an acronym.

As always, you can click on the image to view the details of the full-size piece. And please leave me any constructive feedback you may have.

Heavy armed patron of the Brute Force

Heavy armed patron of the Brute Force Force.

The most challenging aspect was how to not leave him suspended in air. The base of his body is a bit like the bottom of a chess pawn, but I did not want a flat surface under him. The legs sticking out from the nodes are a decent compromise. Also, the thing coming from his back base is a wilting flower. I tried to make that clear with the shape and colors, but have gotten the impression that what it is is a bit unclear.

I find backgrounds to be hard in particular. There is no real scene, but it needs to be more than blank white. I may revisit that some time.  Another thing to revisit is the coloring. I’m still getting used to the brush choices. I also need to work on how to layer solid colors and create a vivid effect with them.