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Beginning to Use Everything

My Introducing Everything post was the first written in and published through my everything system.

In fact, right after I wrote the post, I made the initial commit to my everything-wordpress repo. I was able to publish that blog post to Wordpress right from the command line! The code’s not pretty and the functionality is lacking, but I can improve that. Most importantly, it worked!

The Lone Crow was also stored in everything and published from the command line. I made some more edits to everything-wordpress, and had to delete the post several times (I can’t update an existing post yet), so I could try publishing again, but, hey, that worked too. And posting Thoughts on Manual Chores was smooth, thanks to those changes.

I’ve recently read an article on how we face a ‘digital Dark Age’. Our data locked in files or tied to programs that no longer work. Hey, that’s precisely what I want to prevent by moving my creative output to a single, central location which I have complete control over. It’s a major motivation for using simple text files. I’ll be curious to see what other solutions people come up with for this problem. Their ‘digital vellum’ is overkill for my needs here, but it’s certainly an interesting concept.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using everything to store some new writings, including this one.

Some thoughts so far:

We’ll see how it shakes out as I use it more and as I import other writings into it. I do have to say: I’m excited about everything!