Sundered Peak

through the mind of kyle tolle

A Quick Disclaimer

In preparation of personal, and thought-provoking posts to come, I want to go over a few things.

John Colvin, a friend of mine, recently started a blog Some Cosmic Purpose. His motivation is to start a dialogue and I will eagerly participate in that. I have been searching for a purpose, a truth, what have you, as long as I have been thinking. Dialogue not only helps me see the way others think, but also helps me formulate my ideas.  As soon as I can get some time, I will write a reply to his My Formerly Vegan Cat post and write up another that deals with social websites. Shoot, now I’ve given it all away!

I am stubborn, but not hard headed. I do hold my beliefs strongly, but if I learn the way I am thinking is not correct, I’ll quickly change my view to a more correct version.  Not everyone will agree it is more correct, but that’s another topic in itself. This quickness to change is not me jumping on a bandwagon, but rather me refusing to hold on to dead ideas simply because I’ve held them for so long already. That sort of thinking goes on too often today, and I am determined to avoid that.

These posts, at the time you read them, are not necessarily reflective of my views at the time you read this. The longer ago the post, the more likely my views are to have changed.  I always encounter new information, process and re-process information, and come to new conclusions… updating my ideas all the while. Basically, if you think I’m dumb after reading a post, there’s a chance I am less dumb because time has elapsed since I wrote it. (NOTE: previous paragraph is from the part of me that doesn’t want anyone to dislike me.)

There may be cycles to my thoughts. I have noticed a cycle in some of my moods or thoughts regarding several things - religion in particular. Other times my views will be more a linear progression from one territory into another. Hell, there may be a trend toward progression with small cycles thrown in. It’s all about the big picture, and I hope I will be generally moving in the direction of truth. That’s a pretty big statement, right there, though. Begs the question, “What is truth?” And with that comes a slew of others. I’ve just opened a can of worms, but will not even attempt to close it here. I want those worms to have some air and room to wiggle around. Let them creep around your brain a bit and see what they shuffle, jumble or push around. I hope I just grossed you out. If I did, you’re probably a girl. Fact: Girls are squeamish. Fact: It’s fun to declare statements are facts, regardless of whether they are in fact facts.

My intentions are now declared; my disclaimer handed out. It is now time to venture into the murky world of thoughts. Again, I agree with John Colvin wholeheartedly in that I wish this to be a dialogue. If you read a post, I expect some sort of reply. Let me know what your thoughts are. Do you agree? Disagree? Don’t care at all? As long as you are providing some value (READ: constructive comments), I want your feedback!